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Shhhh! Digital Media 

Peace Not War

We're now shipping globally to every continent on the Aerth!

Shhhh! Digital Official Merchandise

- Featuring -

The Butterfly Dragon - A Lady's Prerogative


Wear your favourite characters today!

This month we're supporting the UNHCR mission for Ukrainian Refugees.

The character Eclipse (Monique Defleur) herself is Ukrainian. Her T-Shirt  (seen left) highlights the dedication and perseverance of the Ukrainian people.

Our T-Shirt depicting Doctors Katya and Victor Piotr (seen left) highlights the want for peace expressed by many Russian scientists, professionals and people the world over.

Until May 15 - 5$ CDN Donation to the UNHCR In Support Of Ukraine Refugees Per Item Purchased
New Arrivals

Shhhh! Digital Merchandise is a fun, fresh approach to apparel and accessories

that transform the everyday into a Shhhh! Digital Media adventure.

See the life through the eyes of your favourite characters from

the Butterfly Dragon in one of our Official Butterfly Dragon T-Shirts.

Weave the Aetheric Magic of the Wytches in our mystical garments from

A Lady's Prerogative: The Yearning And The Learning.

These unique pieces of fashionable wear are designed to enhance life for the adventurous seekers of mystery and knowledge through a creative mindset made possible by these wearable pieces of art.

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